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About MM’s Money

I’m 34, female, married, with a lovely 2 year old girl-baby. My Dear Husband (DH) is 43 and an independent contractor/tradesman.  We have a LOT of love, but no money.

MM’s Money is a PF blog written by a person deeply mired in debt and making it day by day. Over the past few months, our family has pulled back slightly from the brink of disaster, but we’re still awfully close. Like one emergency away.  So don’t take any direct advice from me, please? Until I get some successes under my belt, feel free to disregard!

Motivation for blogging is two-fold: first, I have a tendency to be secretive and non-communicative about sensitive topics. How better to combat that fear of public censure than to put it all out there? Secondly, I hope by being a not-perfect example to help someone else. Seriously, in reading other blogs and comments thereupon, I find I’ve made a lot of mistakes and others would probably benefit from my bad example, if not my advice on how to get through it!

While PF and debt reduction are the primary foci, I probably will post on a range of interrelated topics including frugality, bargains, lifestyle choices, etc. I’ll try to stay on-topic or on-related-topic as much as possible. Maybe.

I think I’m supposed to put a fully technical discloser here, too, but I don’t know what wording to use, but here goes: I am not a financial professional. Information provided here is not to provide advice or guidance. All personal finance is just that, Personal. So what might work for me might not for you. Caveat Emptor and all that jazz.



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