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September 15, 2008

I gotta figure stuff out!

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As I stroll through my ‘roll, I see all these  awesome tickers of peoples’ progress against their debt or toward their savings goals and I am covetous and I want! I wanna link to my NCN Network charts, too…How do I do that? Must research and figure this stuff out! Since my site is unvisited, I’m not terribly optomistic for some guidance, but should you stumble upon this lonely rock in the wilderness and have some advice to lend, Much Appreciated, Stranger!


September 6, 2008

Site Stuff

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So I’m really new to this blogging thing. As you can see from my posting history, I wrote some stuff, set it aside and then said, Screw it – I’m gonna publish. And there it went into the public. Just Like That.

I’m a neophyte, so the process of getting stuff built on this site will take some time and be ugly for a while, I’m sure! 

First – Blogroll. I’ve already been helped immeasurably by several PF websites. Since I’m gonna focus on PF for this blog, I’m going to be filling by blogroll with the links I first found valuable as I begin my PF journey. Then I’ve got some links that are what I read while goofing off at work (non-PF). Plus some that I admire, find funny and so on.

Second – Site Design. Themes? Whatever. I chose the Red Ink looking pen because that’s what I have – a lot of Red Ink.

Third – Disclosure, Anonymity, Etc. I struggle with this one (see first paragraph). Part of my journey is sharing and not hiding financial matters. Getting stuff out in the open is healthy and beneficial – so why not out in the world wide open? I’ll try not to be so specific as to embarrass myself or my family while preserving the truth factor that makes everything more valuable in reading/enjoying a blog.

disclosure – all that in “Third” being said, I already went back (since publishing them like 10 minutes ago) and edited/deleted some identifying information. SO much for full Truthiness ( (c) Steve Colbert (maybe?))

Fourth – Grammar, Spelling, Colloquialisms, Etc. Full disclosure again – I have my degree in English, so you’d think I could write/spell/use proper sentence structure/verb tenses etc, right? Truth is, I just don’t care about that stuff – it’s silly, but a slight point of pride not to pay attention to my tendencies to overuse parentheticals, … and slang. So you get what you pay for in my blog – and right now it’s free. That reminds me – I’ll be adding an English Major’s Money to my blogroll! That is a great blog!

Last – Goals. I plan to post as frequently as needed to stay on track with my budgeting, debt reduction, PF education. Ha! How’s that for a firm, quantifiable goal!

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